NEXDIGITRON A3 Pro Car Dash Camera with OBD-2 Parking Kit, Plug & Play Self Installation with in-Built Parking Mode, 1.5K 1296P Super Full HD, 140° F2.0 6G Lens, G-Sensor, WiFi, Upto 128GB Supported

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Product Description

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The dashcam has loop recording function and records in multiple video files of duration 1 minute each.OBD-2 Parking cable is included with this variant. USB Cable & Car charger is not provided.The dashcam live preview & recorded footage can be seen/downloaded sitting inside car only. You cannot view the video remotely when you are far away from car.

The simplest way to achieve parking mode

obd2 simple installationobd2 simple installation

Why do you need Parking Mode?


hit and run parkinghit and run parking

kids playingkids playing

Capture acts of vandalism

Time lapse mode helps to catch anti-social elements from vandalizing your car by making scratches etc. With advanced parking mode of A3 Pro, it is very easy to detect such activities.

Identify hit & runs in parking

You can catch people if they hit your car in parking and run away. This way you can avoid costly repair costs and claim the same from the people who damaged your car.

Capture kids playing around car

In many housing societies, people are very much worried about kids playing in car parking and making scratches to car’s etc. With advanced parking mode, it is very easy to detect such activities.

The most advanced parking mode, we really mean it!

parkign modeparkign mode

auto switch parking modeauto switch parking mode

extended protectionextended protection

Dual mode G-sensor function

A3 Pro has the most advanced parking mode features. It has dual mode G-sensor with which you can set different sensitivity for driving and parking. It enables to capture even small vibration in parking and only harsh events in driving giving you best of both worlds.

Auto switch to normal recording mode

The dashcam has multiple parking mode options but even if user sets the parking mode in time-lapse or sleep (event) mode, the dashcam will auto sense vibration or impact in parking and switch to normal recording mode. It will record in normal mode for 2 minutes and then switch back to time-lapse mode enabling better storage management.

Extended protection for long duration parking

This features comes in handy when you park car for long duration say about 1 week and need it protected through out the week. By setting the dashcam in sleep mode (event mode), it can continue to capture events for weeks without impacting car battery. Ultra low power consumption chip helps to achieve this function.

Advantages of OBD-2 connection

car servicecar service

12V port12V port

complex connectioncomplex connection

Prevents issues with car service center

Though traditional hard-wiring with fuse adapters does not impact car, however, many car service center do not allow hardwiring citing service issues.

However, OBD-2 connection is a very simple plug & play method and no such problems are encountered by users.

Keep car’s 12V socket free for other uses

Traditional dashcams need to be powered by cars 12V socket through a car charger and this occupies the space and make the area clumsy.

OBD-2 connection keep the area neat and you can use the 12V port for other application without having to disconnect the dashcam.

No complex connections involved

Since OBD-2 connection is plug & play, there are no complex connections involved and one does not need any mechanic or customer supports’s assistance for doing the installation.

Due to simple installation, you can even install on your own within minutes!

Parking mode working mechanism

park mode workingpark mode working

parking mode time lapseparking mode time lapse

lbp functgionlbp functgion

Three Recording Modes in Parking

Time Lapse Video (1 FPS Continuous)Ordinary Video (30 FPS Continuous)Sleep (Record Events Only)

After car is parked, the duration of video recording can also be selected through the app (15min, 1hour, 6hour & 24hour).

Event mode will continue to remain active even after this time is over to enable extended protection.

ACC Triggered Parking Mode

The parking mode is controlled by power in ACC Wire. Once car is parked and there is no power in ACC, the dashcam will enter parking mode after 5 minutes and record video as per the setting selected by you in the app.

Once you start the car, the dashcam will detect power in ACC Wire and exit parking mode

Low Battery Protection Function

For vehicle battery discharge protection, it has an intelligent SAFE GUARD function that automatically shuts down dashcam when the voltage falls below preset level.

User can select between three protection levels through the app – HIGH (12.4V), MEDIUM (12V) or LOW (11.8V). A fully charged car battery has a voltage of 12.8V or more.

Recommended Accessories

Memory CardMemory Card

a3 mount side viewa3 mount side view

CPL filter advantageCPL filter advantage

Recommended Micro SD Cards Only (upto 128GB)

We suggest purchasing recommended Micro SD Cards Only (32 GB, 64GB & 128 GB)



Suction Mount for Easy Removal

Makes the dashcam interchangeable between carsEasy to remove and attach againThe mount uses POM and ABS plastics, the suction cup uses PVC material

Please search ASIN – “B0B3VPYHLD” to buy the Suction Mount

CPL Filter for Dashboard Glare Removal

The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) is used to reduce reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces that can otherwise damage image quality, this works in the same way as a high end polarized sunglasses.

Please search ASIN – “B0B3VP7Y2V” to buy the CPL Filter

【Made in India, Made for Indian Climate】The only made in India 1296P Super Full HD dashcam. Designed based on years of experience with Indian Climate and customer requirements. The dashcam continues to run as desired in extreme hot summers of Rajasthan and extreme cold weather of Kashmir.
【High Reliability】Wide working temperature range from -25°C to 85°C achieved by removing two temperature-sensitive components: LCD screen and Lithium battery. These are replaced by Super Capacitor resulting in Longer lifespan and Suitable for 24H parking monitoring
【Crystal Clear Image】1.5K 1296P Super Full HD Resolution with Advanced Processor; 3MP CMOS Image sensor; 6 Glass lens with 1 Infra-Red filter; F 2.0 large aperture; Wide Angle 140° enough to cover 4-6 lanes simultaneously.
【Powerful Functions】Super Night Vision with WDR technology; Optional 24 Hours parking mode with Time Lapse @1fps recording which can significantly cover much longer recording time at smaller data space; Supports Class 10 Micro SD Card from upto 128GB
【Easy Operation】The all new YOUMERA app lets you control the dashcam from your fingertips. Live Preview, See History, Download & Share Recorded videos in few clicks.


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